Completely Filled With Oil, UK Swiss Fake U-Boat’s New Watches Are Ispired by the Moon

Inspired by the moon’s dark side, the new luxury U-Boat replica watches collection is here to combine the retro look with a futuristic style. The timepieces are completely filled with a special oil that highlights the dial, creating an optical effect bound to captivate you.

The Italian watchmaker used the same technology as it did for its Copsoil range, but for the Darkmoon collection, it took the idea even further by incorporating a pop of color to intensify the optical illusion of the absence of glass.

The dial of best quality copy U-Boat is covered by a domed sapphire crystal that adds to the effect. To compensate for temperature variations, a visible air bubble has been left to free-float under the crystal. The watch’s movement is fully immersed in a special oil, and according to U-Boat, it shouldn’t be left in the sun or near a heat source for too long.

For a more convenient fit, the 44mm stainless steel case features a screw-down crown on the left-hand side. The Arabic numerals at 4 and 8 o’clock add to the dial’s distinctive U-Boat appearance. Unlike its Capsoil models that also feature a number at 12 o’clock, the watchmaker swapped it with the letter U for the new collection.

The heart of these high-end U-Boat fake watches online shop is pumped by a Ronda 712.3 quartz movement, and it is water-resistant up 50 meters (164 ft). Darkmoon models also feature a new locking ring mechanism that allows for a quick battery replacement. A black ultra-resistant vulcanized rubber strap with the Maison’s logo was added to complete the whole captivating look.

Green, blue, red, and brown metal dials with polished soleil finishes are all part of the collection. There’s also a rounded iridescent mineral glass timepiece, which intensifies the optical illusion. The Darkmoon collection includes watches that are priced between $990 and $1,100, making them a bit more affordable than the Capsoil dials.