These Wonderful UK Replica U-Boat U-42 BK Chrono Gold 47MM Watches Show You What Is Retro Style

For U-Boat watches, maybe for some people, they just can copy, copy the Panerai, copy the Soviet diver watches… Although Sylvester Stallone also has wore it, still can not change the impression that given to people. But when seeing the U-Boat U-42 series, they completely changed the stereotype, that I have to say how amazing those Italian’s creativity.

It is said that the inspiration of this series that comes from the conceptions of a Italy engineers Ilvo Fontana, who ordered to design a new military watch for the Italian navy pilot, but these ideas have not been able to put into practice. In 2000, his grandson Italo discovered the sketch, started to inherit his grandfather’s business. So today, the of U-Boat U-42 watches were marked his name on the dial.

So today, I’d like to present you a kind of wonderful replica U-Boat U-42 watch, the replica U-Boat U-42 BK Chrono Gold 47 MM watch.
Diameter: 47MM
Case: titanium
Bezel: rotating
Dial: matte black
Water resistant: 30ATM

Comments: For this fake U-Boat watch, as far as I am concerned, that just full of vintage feeling when I saw it at the first glance. No matter for the case and strap, that all through weathering, making the whole replica U-Boat as if coming from the old time. So if you are fond of vintage style, this watch may be very suitable for you.

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